Features :-
  • Machine run through the Drive, which is used to control speed at various points.
  • Folding attachment DW model provides Seamless Welt socks exactly like socks made on fully computerized machine.
  • Elastic yarn feeding is controlled by Disc for maintaining uniform size.
  • Pattern Design Drum of 60 steps provides various combinations of design and scope.
  • Three colors stripping plus one main feed color.
  • Elastic can also be knitted in the Foot Portion of the socks.
  • Machine stops automatically through Sensors which prevents yarn & needles breakage.
  • Movable Stitch Cam is used for size control of course length & width.
  • Special design Ring Cutter is used for uniform cutting of yarn pattern.
  • Suction Device for automatic ejection of socks from the machine.
  • Trimmed yarn gets collected in the Waste Container.
Special Attachment (Optional)
  • Machine can produce Platting Design, Tuck Design, Quarterlies Rib, Moke Rib, False Rib and various types of single color jacquard designs.
  • Machine can produce Elastic Locking (Churrie), Tuck Design (Kingri), Platting Design & Jali, Quarterlies Rib, Moke Rib, False Rib and various types of single color jacquard designs.
Model/Description M18 MC-4 (DW / SW)
  Double Welt (DW) Single Welt (SW)
60 Steps Design Drum 4 4
Main Feed + Pattern Feed 1+3(2,2,2) 1+3(2,2,2)
Cylinder Diameter 3½” 3½”
Number Of Needles 84N ~ 200N 84N ~ 200N
Speed (RPM) 200 ~ 250 RPM 200 ~ 250 RPM
Voltage 380 / 3Phase 380 / 3Phase
Main Motor 0.78 KW 0.78 KW
Suction Motor Require -----
Nett /Gross Weight 225 Kg/300 Kg 225 Kg/300 Kg
Packing Dimension(in cm) 90 X 100 X 170 90 X 100 X 170
Floor Space(in cm) 110 X 110 X 230 110 X 110 X 230
Take-Down Device Yes NA
Drive Yes NA
Striping Colors 3 4
Standard Attachments:-
  • Stop Motions & Sensor.
  • Elastic Disc supplier.
  • Ring Cutter for trimming.
  Optional Attachments :-
  • Striping Drum
  • Pattern Designs Drum of 96 steps
  • Individual Suction Fan.
  • Socks Take Down Device.
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