Double Cylinder Socks Knitting Machine can weave all kinds of socks such as men’s socks, women’s socks and children’s socks, even can knitting ribbed pattern.

It is Fully Computerized  Controlled. The working speed is stable, brings efficiency and good quality.

Features :-
  • Fully Electronic Control weaving system, non-roller.
  • Driven by Servo Motor, stepless speed regulating.
  • Adjust yarn tension and weaving density by stepping motor.
  • Sensing device is able to auto-protect, minimize the damage when there is breakdown.
  • Kepping high speed running to improve the inner cam.
  • Lines leading shuttle and cam switch are electro pneumatic controlled.
  • Auto oil feeder system.
  • Complete alarm system when needle break, line break needle tip break, electronic breakdown etc.
  • Yarn changing unit, 6 colours are available.
  • Y – Shape heel is available.
  • Equipped with the UPS system can memory the current program and knitting action if transience power off.
  • When the power restored, it can continue knitting to avoid any loss or wastage.
  • Password – protection for parameter setup, to avoid the inadvertent change or unallowed modification, improve the reliability and safety.
  • Available in 220V/380V/415V and 50/60 Hz.
Model / Description ZDCI - 1F
Cylinder Diameter 4"
Needle Range 120 ~ 176N
Running Speed 280 ~ 300
Servo Motor 1.5 KW
Control Box 0.55 KW
Net Weight 380 KGS.
Gross Weight 430 KGS.
Packing Diamension (W x L x H) 1900 X 1020 X 920 mm


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